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Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q1.


This development is a POS terminal extension that allows prepayments in WebPOS. A prepayment is the partial payment of a ticket. Once a draft ticket or a layaway is prepaid, it is converted into a standard ticket with a certain amount paid on credit.

The prepayment is a single amount, calculated before the ticket is paid. In the payment window the user will see the minimum amount that it is necessary to pay in order for the ticket to be deliverable. Also (and as usual) the user will be informed of the total amount outstanding to be paid.

Once configured, there will be two different buttons in the WebPOS payment window instead of the classic "tick" button. The first button relates to the prepayment. When clicked, it will add the exact amount necessary for the delivery of the products (which is called the "prepayment amount"). The second button will add the amount to fully pay the order.

Similar to the prepayment amount, there is another concept that is invisible for the WebPOS user which is the prepayment limit. The prepayment limit is an amount lower than the prepayment amount and it represents the minimum amount that needs to be paid in order for a ticket to be converted into an order.


There are two settings to be configured in the backend:




Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q1.

In order for the prepayment to work correctly in WebPOS, it is necessary to configure the below preferences in the "Preferences" window of the backend:



Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 19Q1.

In WebPOS, apart from the buttons mentioned in the Introduction section, there is another new button. This button appears in the EDIT section when clicking on a product and it's called “Set as deliverable / Set as undeliverable”. It acts like it comes from the Prepayment Algorithm to calculate prepayments amount however, it serves to determine which lines will be delivered and which lines won't.



After the backend configuration the flows in WebPOS remain the same, except that the prepayment amount will reflect the configurations set in the new algorithm:


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