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Retail:Promotions Best Deal Case



Warn-icon.png   Best Deal Case for Discounts and Promotions is no longer supported and has been removed from Openbravo starting from 3.0RR18Q1.

Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Best Deal Case for Discounts and Promotions is an optional free commercial module that can be installed on top of Openbravo for Retail distribution starting from RR14Q2 (Q2 2014 Retail Release).

It provides implementation for "Combo" Discount Rule.

Warn-icon.png   Best Deal Case for Discounts and Promotions is intended to be used only from WebPOS. This means tickets created from WebPOS will be computed to get Best Deal Case for its promotions, but tickets created directly in backoffice will not.


Best Deal Case is an alternative mechanism to apply promotions in WebPOS. When working in this mode the way promotions are applied varies from the standard definition in two manners:

How it works

When working in Best Deal Case mode, discounts are applied while products are added to the ticket in the same manner than when working in Standard mode with the difference that, at most, only one discount is applied per line.

When the Pay button is tapped, Best Deal Case algorithm is executed to try to get the best possible discount. If a better discount than the previously calculated one is found, ticket is modified to apply it.

The algorithm that looks the best case, splits the lines that can have different discounts with more than one unit per product in several lines with one unit each and combines all the possible discounts for each of them to obtain the best one.

Because of this in case the number of possible combinations is big, the algorithm can take its time to perform the computation. The more Discount rules are applicable to a product, the more combinations it needs to check.

Warn-icon.png   Due the way the algorithm is designed, it requires rules that need more than one unit of a product to be applied to be able to look in other lines to complete the quantity, this is not the case of old rules such as Buy X and get Y as gift, Buy X pay Y of different product, Buy X pay Y of same product or Pack.


Best Deal Case mode is enabled at Store level. From Organization window, for Store organizations, Best Deal Case for Discounts and Promotions field is visible, by selecting it, all terminal defined in that store will work in this mode.

When this field is flagged, a new one is shown: Stop Long Best Deal Case Execution. Due the algorithm needs to evaluate all possible combinations, it can occur it to take long to execute. If this field is flagged, the algorithm stops in case the number of combinations to evaluate is too high. When this happens, the ticket remains as it was without trying to find a better set of discounts.


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