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Retail:RetailAPI changes

Openbravo RetailAPI - API changes

This document describes the changes done to the RetailAPI over the course of each release.


ID Module Type Description Risk Comments
RR20Q3.1 Retail Discounts Discount Engine API change Rename several properties in discount engine input and output:

Input: date -> orderDate, pricelist -> priceList, price -> baseGrossUnitPrice (if price including taxes) or baseNetUnitPrice (if price excluding taxes)

Output: finalLinePrice -> grossUnitAmount (if price including taxes) or netUnitAmount (if price excluding taxes), finalUnitPrice -> grossUnitPrice (if price including taxes) or netUnitPrice (if price excluding taxes)

Medium See 44181
RR20Q3.2 Retail Discounts Discount Engine API change Change discount engine output structure:

Add discountengine namespace. Rename promotions property as discounts. Change lines property from object to array.

Medium See 44339

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