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Retail:Scalable Level Pricing



Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Scalable Level pricing is a free commercial module which is available to be installed starting from RMP29 (Retail Maintenance Pack).

This module implements a strategy to work with prices based on levels. This functionality is available for Openbravo Web POS and in Openbravo ERP.


Because this module works in Openbravo Web POS and in Openbravo ERP it depends on Level Pricing for Retail.

Strategy identification

Each product price entity has a field which indicates the pricing strategy used for this product for a specific price list version. If this strategy is used this value will be SLP_algorithm.

How this strategy works

The objective of this strategy is select a different price based on the units added to the order line.

Quantity Price
1 Unit (Standard price) 15
3 units 13
5 units 10

The algorithm will do the following

Just below you can find a guide to configure a product to work with scalable level pricing. You must select 'SLP_Algorithm' for each product which will follow this strategy.

Note: To work with this products in Openbravo Web POS, you must add each product to the assortment. Also, these products must be marked as "Grouped product".

here you can find how to create this configuration for a product

Video - Scalable level pricing working

This video shows how this module works in Openbravo Web POS and in Openbravo ERP

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