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Retail:Send By Email

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The aim of this development is to be able to send any printable document also by email.

As of now, only orders and invoices are able to be sent by email, but the infrastructure will allow in the future to send additional documents by email.

As of now, orders and invoices could be selected to be sent by email in two different flows:


This functionality uses a common API created in mobile.core module to handle document deliver

To be able to use send email functionality in POS an additional module should be installed:


Touchpoint type

In Channel Touchpoint Type window, we should mark "Send documents by mail" Touchpoint type.png

Business Partner

In Business Partner window, we could mark to receive Invoices via email and select also the default language used in the email SendEmail Config BP.png

Email Server

Also, to test the development it is required to configure email server configuration. It should be done at client level.

We recommend using a personal gmail account as a destination and your current openbravo account as sender. This feature should be enabled in your openbravo account in order to work

External Business Partner

Bulbgraph.png   Note: Since 0.1.0 version the module is compatible with External Business Partner introduced in 20Q3

The module adds a new flag, called Email Address, to define which property represents the customer’s email.

This field (and the one available at terminal level) will activate the functionality when working with External Business Partner integrations. Obviously the email will be sent to the address informed in this property.

If you want to customize the email with any information related to the concrete customer, like the first name or last name, you must implement the necessary hooks available in the module:


POS Components

Deliver Document Component

SendEmail Pos ReceiptDelivery.png

In this popup, five different scenarios could happen:

Resend Document By Email Component

SendEmail Pos ResendReceipt.png

In this poup, two scenarios could happen:

Functional flows

As mentioned previously, the only document implemented right now to be sent by email are orders and invoices.

Order Completion

The popup will be shown when completing this kind of orders:

Printing on demand

Loaded ticket can be printed and sent by email using "Print" option from menu. In the opened popup, it is possible to send by email not only the receipt but also the selected invoices (all to the same email address)

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