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Retail:SumUp Payment Provider



WebPOS payment provider for Sumup . This functionality includes a Web POS module and support only Android Tablets.

The implemented interface is using the Android SumUp application connected to the Sumup bluetooth device. Only payment transactions are implemented. Refunds and Void transactions are not supported in Web POS and must be processed through the Android SumUp application.

Openbravo for Retail module

First install the SumUp payment provider module. How to install modules is described in detail in the document Modules Management.

Once it is installed it needs to be configured. Login in Openbravo as administrator and follow the guide Retail:Payment Methods grouping by Provider User Guide to configure it.

In the window Provider Group Select the provider SumUp, do not select SumUp Mock, SumUp Mock is intended only for testing purposes. Then fill in the field Affiliate Key, This key has to be created with your SumUp account in the SumUp web page. When creating the Affiliate Key add org.openbravo.retail.posterminal as application ID for the generated Affiliate Key.


In the tab Payment Method of the window POS Terminal Type, select the payment method to configure and select the provider group created in the previous paragraph, and in Payment Method Type select Unknown.

SumUp Android application

Install in the Android device used to execute Web POS the SumUp application from the Play Store. SumUp App - Credit Card Reader and follow the instructions to register and pair the SumUp card reader device.


To process payments using SumUp just open the configured terminal, create a sample receipt and add a payment with the payment method configured to use SumUp.


Then a message will appear in the terminal informing the cashier the payment is processing and in the SumUp device will appear all the messages required to process the payment. Once the payment has been completed successfully the payment will be added to the receipt.


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