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Return Material Receipt

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In this window you receive the material that has been returned from the customer

You can find it in the menu Sales management || Transactions || Return Material Receipt


Create and process a return material receipt


Once the document is ready you can process it clicking the button Complete. Following the standard the document changes from Draft to Completed

The field Invoice Status: indicates in % how much quantity has been invoiced

Notice the button Pick/Edit lines disappears when the document is in status Completed


Add or see products which are included in the receipt. Each product is shown on its own line.

The Lines tab is not editable, since the lines always come from Return from Customer lines, to avoid:

To enter new lines you need to click the button P&E.PNG


Things to consider:



Bulbgraph.png   Note:To edit a line you need to click again the Pick/Edit Lines button and the line appears selected and then you can modify any of the editable fields
Bulbgraph.png   Note:To delete a line you need to unmark the line and then click Done


Return Material Receipt posting creates following accounting entries.

Posting record date: Accounting Date.

Account Debit Credit Comment
Product COGS Return (Cost of Goods Returned) or if not defined Prodcut COGS Product Cost x Movement Quantity One per Return Material Receipt Line
Product Asset Product Cost x Movement Quantity One per Return Material Receipt Line



Accounting information related to the return material receipt


Full list of Return Material Receipt window fields and their descriptions is available in the Return Material Receipt Screen Reference.

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