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Return to Vendor

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You can find it in the menu Procurement management || Transactions || Return to Vendor


Create a purchase order and process it when ready.


You can see more information about Return reasons here

Bulbgraph.png   Note:Document can be printed and email

Once the Return Material document is accepted by the Vendor you can process it clicking the button Book. Following the standard the document changes from Draft to Booked

Only Booked documents can be shipped to the vendor. Notice the button Pick/Edit lines disappears when the Return to vendor document is in status Booked


Add products to be included in your purchase order. Each product is added by creating a line.

The Lines tab is not editable, since the returned lines always come from receipt lines, to avoid:

To enter new lines you need to click the button P&E.PNG


Things to consider:

You can define the Return Reason at header level. In this case when picking a line it inherits what selected in the header but you can modify it as you wish



Bulbgraph.png   Note:To edit a line you need to click again the Pick/Edit Lines button and the line appears selected and then you can modify any of the editable fields
Bulbgraph.png   Note:To delete a line you need to unmark the line and then click Done

Line Tax


Basic Discounts



Edit taxes applied to your order.


Payment Out Plan


Payment Out Details


Full list of Return to Vendor window fields and their descriptions is available in the Return to Vendor Screen Reference.

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