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Sample Data Guidelines



The Openbravo Commerce solution is shipped with a pre-installed set of data, included in the folder referencedata/sampledata/The_White_Valley_Group. This data is intended to give an idea of what are the available functionalities and can also be used for demo purposes.

This document aims to explain the concepts in which this data was based and to provide some guidelines for those looking to add more data.

Data structure

The White Valley Group

The base layer for this data is our fictional company "The White Valley Group" a multinational outdoor equipment retailer based in Barcelona, Spain.

The group is composed of two companies, "White Valley Spain" for the company owned stores and "The White Valley Franchise" for the franchised stores.

  • This basic structure is not subject to change by new Projects!

The stores

The Pyrenees and its three divisions

There are currently three stores (1)

Warning.png   (1a) TODO: There are actually six stores, but three of them with bad names

(1b) TODO: The "sample data with modules" dataset has other stores not taken into account here, it is still undecided what will be the approach on this.

(2) TODO: The location of the stores do not match their current addresses.

(3a) TODO: Explain what characteristics have the stores (PIT, PNIT, taxes, etc.)

(3b) TODO: Based on 3a. check any required update to get all the required characteristics in each store.

  • Creating a store for a new Project is highly discouraged! Contact Product team if you think you need to do it.

The store's terminals

Each owned store has three POS terminals:

While the franchise has only one:

Warning.png   TODO: There are currently hundreds of terminals, check if all of them are required.

TODO: Check if CMS-2 and CMS-3 stores should exist.

  • Creating a terminal for a new Project requires the approval of Product Team.

Business Partners (Vendor/Customer)


The company purchase the goods from two vendors, both defined at Company level:

Available sections open to new vendors (now loosely covered by the existent ones) are, but not limited to:

  • You are free to create a vendor for a new Project. If you do it, you have also to update this page. Try to cover an area not currently used. Please check the recommendations about the data you should enter.


Several customers exist in the Company's database. Because of their geographical influence, some stores may have their own customers, while others exist at Company level.

  • You are free to create customers for a new Project. Please check the recommendations about the data you should enter.

Data Recommendations for Business Partners


The products that the company sell and purchase have to be consistent with a Mountaineering and Outdoor store. The products are within the same categories chosen for Vendors:

  • You are free to create products for a new Project. Please check the recommendations about the data you should enter.

Data Recommendations for Products

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