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Product master data window is the place where you can easily organize and centralize the key data of the items of any type you might manage as part of the organization processes and/or activities.


Product window allows the creation of items such as products, raw materials, resources, services, etc.


A product can be part of many Price List Versions which are valid for a given time period.

Product Price with Exceptions

The product Price with Exceptions tab allows setting a different unit price for the selected product in a price list version. The new price can be established to be applicable for a date range and a specific organization. This new price will be used instead of the unit price coming from the price list version (product price tab) for the selected organization or any of its children when fulfilling the date criteria. If there are two exceptions valid for a given organization, that one with an organization closer to it in the tree structure will be the one chosen to be applied.

Product customer

Asigns products to customers

Price Rule Version


Accounting tab allows to configure the ledger accounts to be used while posting product related transactions such as product purchase or sales to the general ledger.

Bill of Materials

This tab allows to edit the bill of materials components the selected product consists of.

Costing Rule

Costing rule tab allows to review the costing rules that apply to the product within a given date range.


Define substitute products to be used if this product becomes unavailable.


Costing tab collects and summarize product cost related information as a result of every product transaction. Product's costs are valid during a fixed date range and can be calculated either by using an Average or a Standard costing algorithm.

Average Cost Transactions

Transaction Adjustments


Transaction tab is a summarized view of all the transactions of a product.

Transaction Costs


Purchasing tab information is used for products that are planned by the purchasing plan.


Manufacturing tab is used for products that are planned by the manufacturing plan.


Add a unit of measurement to this product.


Product names can be translated to any language.


Relation of characteristics assigned to the Product

Characteristic Configuration

Characteristic Configuration tab contains the available values for each characteristic assigned to the generic product. Price modifiers to create the variants are defined in this tab as well.

Characteristic Values

Unit Cost


This Tab shows the available Stock for this Product in the application. It only shows Storage Bins for which the quantity available of the Product is not 0

Product Categories

The user can define if a product of a certain product category can be related to a product of 'Service' type by creating a relation between an Order Line of the Service product and another Sales Order Line of the product belonging to included/excluded product categories.

Category Price Rule Version


The user can define if a product can be related to a product of 'Service' type by creating a relation between an Order Line of the Service product and another Sales Order Line of the product included/excluded.

Product Price Rule Version

Alternate UOM

Modify Taxes Categories

Defines taxes modification for products linked to service. Products linked to this service that belongs to the configured category will change the tax category when linked to this service.


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