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Screenshot:Sales Invoice

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Sales Invoice

Sales invoice window allows to issue and manage customer's invoices.


Customer invoices can be registered, booked and managed in the header section of the sales invoice window.


Once the sales invoice header has been properly filled in and saved each sales invoice line can be registered in this tab one by one.

Discounts and Promotions

View applied Discounts and Promotions for each line.

Line Tax

Line tax information is automatically populated for each sales invoice line upon completion of the invoice.

Accounting dimension

Accounting Dimension


Summarized sales invoice tax related information is shown in this tab.

Basic Discounts

This tab lists information about the discounts automatically applied based on the customer configuration and / or manually entered for the sales invoice.

Payment Plan

The payment plan tab lists the scheduled payments expected against the invoice.

Payment Details

This tab displays the details of the payments made against the invoice.

Payment Plan (old)

List of the scheduled payments expected against the invoice.

Payment Details (old)

Display the details of the payments received against the invoice.


Create an obligation for accounting to expect to receive all or part of your Invoice amount in advance.

Reversed Invoices

This tabs allows the user to select the invoices (if any) being reversed by the invoice being created. When the user voids an existing invoice the reverse invoice is automatically created by Openbravo and linked to the original invoice being reversed. In case of creating a Reverse Sales Invoice which partially voids an existing invoice/s, the user must manually select the invoice/s being reversed in this tab.

Exchange rates

The exchange rate tab allows to enter an exchange rate between the organization's general ledger currency and the currency of the customer's invoice to be used while posting the invoice to the ledger.


Accounting information related to the sales invoice

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