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A Scrum-of-Scrums (sometimes abbreviated SoS) is a way to scale a Scrum organization. It consists of various Scrum teams that use a Scrum-like process to align with each other.

At Openbravo we connect the teams on 3 different levels using meetings:

Team level

Twice a week, representatives chosen by each team meet to exchange what the teams are working on, what their plans are and what impediments they are facing.

This is analog to the Daily scrums that the teams have.

ScrumMaster level

Once a week, the ScrumMasters of all teams meet to discuss problems and ideas they are having. This information exchange does not correspond to any of the Scrum structures used inside the teams but can best be compared with the informal exchange of ideas inside a team.

Product owner level

Once a week, all Product owners meet together with the CTO in order to discuss the progress of their teams and their upcoming plans. This can be best compared to a mixture of a Review and a Sprint planning meeting.

In this context the CTO plays the role of the Product owner. The Product owners of the teams play the role of the Team members. They align through a Global Backlog of high-level items, that in its structure is similar to a regular Product backlog

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