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Simple G/L Journal

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Currently in Openbravo there is a window GL Journal that allows to manually enter gl journals in the system. This window has three levels, that is, three tabs (Batch, Header and lines) and in some cases this is a pain for the end users since it might be enough with just two levels (Header and lines). Another issue that this window has is that only accounting schemas can be selected so when posting the gl journal there is only one entry in the fact_Acct table.



A G/L journal header can include journals which can contain several journal lines.

Important field that needs to note:


The lines tab allows to enter the journal entries of a G/L journal as well as G/L item payment related information.

One field to note:

If Multi-general ledger is not flagged then Account field is showed instead


Accounting information related to the GL Journal

When Posting the Header:

Exchange rates

The exchange rate tab allows to enter an exchange rate between the organization's general ledger currency and the currency of the G/L Journal to be used while posting the G/L Journal to the ledger.

This tab will only be displayed when Multi General Ledger is enabled.

Full list of Simple G/L Journal window fields and their descriptions is available in the Simple G/L Journal Screen Reference.

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