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Stock Reservation

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In this window is possible to review and manage existing Reservations.

Stock reservations are mainly used to ensure the stock availability when delivering a Sales Order. Coming with this feature it is also possible to lock stock not related to any Sales Order to avoid its consumption.

A reservation identifies certain stock in the warehouse that is reserved and cannot be consumed by anyone except the owner of the reservation. Currently there are 2 possible owners, a Saler Order line or the System. A reservation for a Sales Order line identifies stock that can only be consumed in shipments related to the Sales Order. A System reservation is a special reservation type that cannot be consumed by anyone. System reservations are used for Hold reservations when some stock needs to be blocked in the warehouse.

Bulbgraph.png   Reservations are disabled by default. To be able to use them please insert a new Preference using property Enable Stock Reservations with value Y.

The functionality developed comes with two types of reservations:

A reservation is always defined by the product that is desired to be reserved but other dimensions can be defined such as the warehouse, storage bin and attribute (i.e Colour, lots, serial number).

Another interesting thing is the possibility of allocating or not the reservation:

This new functionality tries to cover several flows:

  1. Sales
  2. Procurement
  3. Purchasing plan (MRP)

Sales Flow

A sales order can be reserved when the document is booked and pending to be delivered. The way to make the reservation is:

Manual: No reservation is generated automatically. So when the order is booked the reservations needs to be done manually selecting the storage bin, attribute, etc Automatic: The reservation is automatically created and processed, reserving the available stock

For more information visit: Sales Order

Procurement flow

Pre-reservations can also be made from the Purchase Order. Being in the purchase order line there is the possibility of selecting any sales order line pending to be delivered that is waiting to receive the goods in the warehouse. Once the items are received the pre-reservation is converted to reservation and the goods are reserved for that sales order line

For more information visit: Purchase Order

Purchasing Plan (MRP)

When launching the purchasing plan there is now the possibility of making reservations for Sales Order and pre-reservations, that is, create purchase orders linked to sales orders

For more information visit: Purchasing plan

Reservation consumption

When a Good Shipment of a reserved Sales Order is automatically created it will consume reserved stock. The process will propose first the possible allocated stock and later any available stock based on the standard rules to retrieve stock, including reserved stock but NOT allocated (even from other reservations). If the related Sales Order do not have any reservation only not reserved stock is proposed.

When the Goods Shipment is processed the reservation is updated to reflect the stock that has been finally been delivered and update the released quantity. In this step there are several cases:


In the main tab is defined the desired product to be reserved.


The reservation header defines each reservation. First is defined the Organization where the reservation is done and the Product and Quantity desired to be reserved. When the reservation is for a Sales Order line these fields are inherited from the line. Later is defined the owner of the reservation, currently it is only possible to define Sales Order lines. If this is left blank the reservation is considered a System reservation where the owner is the Organization. Finally is possible to define certain dimensions to restrict the stock that can be used to fulfil the reservation:

Notice that it is only possible to select warehouses that are defined as on hand warehouses of the organization and storage bins that belong to them.

The reservation might have different statuses:

A reservation has 3 main quantities:

Determines the quantity that is desired to be reserved. If the reservation is related to a Sales Order line this quantity must be the same than the Ordered Quantity.
Reserved Qty
Is the total quantity that is really reserved. When there is not enough stock available it is possible to have a lower Reserved Qty than the Quantity.
Released Qty
Is the quantity that has been delivered and released from the reservation. When a Good Shipment for a reserved Sales Order is processed the Released Qty of the reservation is increased by the delivered quantity.


The Stock tab identifies each existing Stock or Purchase Order selected to fulfill the reservation.


In the Stock tab is shown the actual reserved stock. The stock should meet the dimensions defined in the header. When the stock is physically in the warehouse the reserved stock is identified by the Storage Bin and the Attribute Set Value when applies. In case of pre-reservations the stock is still not in the warehouse, so the Storage Bin property is blank and the Purchase Order line is set. When a pre-reservation is receipt and converted to reservation the storage bin where the stock has been stored is set keeping the purchase order line.

The reserved stock has 2 quantities:

Is the quantity reserved.
Released Qty
Is the quantity that has been released or delivered.

Manage Stock

When the reservation is in Draft or Completed status it is possible to modify the reserved stock using a pick and execute process.


In this window is shown all the already reserved stock plus other available stock and not receipt Purchase Order Lines that can be used to fulfil the reservation. The available stock is filtered by the on hand warehouses of the reservation's organization and the dimensions that might be set. The Purchase Order lines are also filtered by these dimensions. For each selected line it has to be set the quantity to reserve and if the stock is allocated or not. The quantity must be lower than the available quantity considering as well the quantity that might be reserved in other reservations and the sum of all the selected lines must be lower than the quantity desired to be reserved. If the reservation already has some released quantity the quantity of the released stock must be higher or equal than the released stock

Goods Movement

Starting from 3.0MP32 it is allowed to move an item that is reserved from its current storage bin to another one. The button Goods movement shows all the bins were the product is reserved, that is, the stock lines and it is possible to edit the quantity to be moved and the new storage bin


Full list of Stock Reservation window fields and their descriptions is available in the Stock Reservation Screen Reference.

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