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Store Server Webservices


Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 16Q3


The Openbravo Commerce Suite can be used in a multi-server architecture. The most common approach is to use a central server with store servers installed for individual stores or groups of stores.

This page gives an overview of store-server related webservices which can be called.

Retrieve Store Server Status

The store server status can be retrieved by calling the webservice. An example of a url:


The service should be called as a POST request (Content-Type: application/json) with a json string as the content. The json should contain the property 'serverKey'. The server key is the mobile server key as defined in the mobile server window. Example content:

 "serverKey": "VALLBLANCA"

The response is a json like this:

"response": {
  "serverKey": "VALLBLANCA"
  "serverStatus": "ON"

The serverStatus can be one of the following values:

If an error occurs then the serverStatus will be returned as OFF and the error message is returned in the error property.

You can call this service on the store server directly or on the central server. On the central server the system will check the status as set in the mobile server table. If the record in that table has been updated recently then the status from that table is returned. If the record in the table is older then the central server will do a request to the store server to obtain the current status. The time limit is controlled by a preference "OBMOBC_ServerStatusMaxAge" which defines the max allowed age in milliseconds of the record in the mobile server table. If this preference is not set then the max age is 5 minutes (value: 300000).

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