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Talk:Excise India

Additional feedback


(1) I think we should explain very briefly what is the purpose of the Excise Tax in India, what this tax is about here: Excise India introduction page.

I know that people doing business there need to know what this tax is about however that brief explanation helps to create a better explanation in the Introduction section.

Besides the above, can you also please very briefly explain what ER1 reports purpose is? What do each of them contain?

User Manual

I'm missing once more a "Configuration" and "Usability" section as we agreed. I have added those for each report and put some info in there.

Please get these section properly explained and completed.

I think there is much configuration required that just apply the dataset and create either a work effort or a puchase invoice because the products or services required additional setup, right? and the work effort of the purchase invoices need to include particular tax rates, right?

The output of the reports is not clearly explained.

We need to explain from where every data (column) which is shown in the report it is taken.

To say something like: "Opening Balance: Opening Balance of the Excise" do not help at all to understand what that data is, even from someone knowing what is excise tax.

I would expect something like: CETSH No: Chapter Sub-Heading Number that is taken from....... Description of Goods: Chapter Heading that is taken from.... ......

Please improve this.

--Psanjuan 12:44, 22 July 2013 (UTC)

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