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Talk:How to change the price precision


To keep consistency please rename this section as "Objective".

There is a How to article template which can help to write new articles.

I'd rephrased the current content of this section a little bit. Within this section we need to explain first what is the business scenario to resolve/execute in Openbravo.

Based on that and once I've read the current content of this section I do not fully understand whether only the net prices changes or not, or besides the price standard, the price limit and other prices in Openbravo also change. I guess the fields that change are the price related fields in the Price List???

Another question is: Does the gross/net amount of the invoices/orders also change from 2 decimals to 4? There are companies which do have net unit prices in 4 or 6 decimals but the gross/net amount of the invoices keeps being 2 decimals as that is what the currency (i.e. EUR) allows. Can Openbravo cover this scenario?

--Psanjuan 09:02, 5 December 2012 (UTC)

Execution Steps

Within this section I'd remark that there are two steps:

  1. Change the currency price precision through Openbravo UI by login as System Administrator.
  2. Change the Format.xml file.

Regarding point 1 above. I'd explain very briefly what the fields "Standard Precision" and "Costing Precision" mean. Customer changing this feature might be interested in knowing more about these two fields mainly to understand if they can impact somehow or not.

Regarding point 2 above. I'd explain very briefly what is this file about and where it can be found.

I've found the file and I've tried to change it myself following your instruction but it has not worked for me. The "edit" command does not work for me.

I do not understand what do you mean by: "if the customer wants always two decimals, and three or four dynamically depending on the number of decimals". How is it possible to change dynamically the number of decimals?? We need to better explain this in the sense of how the above means in Openbravo. I guess it is as simple as to enter in the corresponding price list 2 or 4 decimals???

--Psanjuan 09:15, 5 December 2012 (UTC)

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