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Talk:POS - Kitchen\Bar Printing


Receipt Number not shown in bar/kitchen ticket

This feature is really useful. I've applied this code, but found a problem. The receipt number is not shown in bar/kitchen ticket, but the number is shown in the customer's ticket.

Please help!

Reply - Receipt number is not set until Payment is made. You have to use table number.

Hi i used the built in database when testing this. how can i :- A: do run step 1? B: convert the database to MYSQL to run the executable.


Workaround for Apache Derby

I've installed this code without converting my database to MySQL. You can perform step one manually by adding the appropiat code in the Product Properties under Administration > Stock > Products > Properties Tab.

Reply-This is mentioned in Step 1.

Error sending order to Kitchen

I've applied this code to my set-up, but when i try to send an order to the kitchen i get the following error:

com.openbravo.pos.printer.TicketPrinterException: Analysis error. Invalid XML file.

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed.

I don't get any errors when i cancel a kitchen item.

I've used the default template for Printer.TicketKitchen, Printer.TicketBar, Printer.TicketChange_Kitchen & Printer.TicketChange_Bar.

Any help please

Error with Attributes of Items

When i add attributes on item and sent to kitchen, the first ticket is correct in kitchen, but in bar ticket show Items attributes of kitchen items, and i when send second ++ ticket the attributes of previous tickets...

How i can solve this problem?

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