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Talk:Projects/Enhanced Inventory Accounting

The model that is used proposes two cost models, absolute (fixed amount) or relative (percentage). These two models are then described as being typical of customs and freight costs, which is also true. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the specification, but it appears quite limiting to situations where there are only these two types of costs. I would prefer to see an extensible cost model where a user could define as many additional cost elements as they require (customs, freight, insurance, packaging, etc) each definable with either an absolute or relative value. It should also be able to account for these cost separately if required.

Cost allocation across lines is considered, and you do mention Freight costs where you might have to additional cost across multiple invoices (for example a freight cost may be for a shipping container which has in it a number of shipments). Is this considered as a future enhancement?

I like the fact that you are addressing the issue of cost being decoupled from the business event.

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