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Color coded tags: I would suggest tags have a different color if they are private or public.

Switch of tag domain (public <-> private): It should be easy to make private tags public and the opposite. We need to think if the switch should happen on a the tag level (ie for any record containing it) or only for the specific record. I suggest if you are browsing a record, switching a tag only affects that record. If you are browsing tags, then switching them affects the whole records that have them.

Search engine: Tags have already been described as additional filters for the current search windows. However, these search windows only search for a special type of records (eg. business partners, invoices, ...). It would be good to have a search engine that searched for any record (regardless of the type) that had the tags.

jmitja 12:13, 30 July 2008 (CEST)

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