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I'm still a begginer so I won't edit anything but only leave a comment here.

Following the quick guide, I've found to be impossible to create the "create periods" from the "Create Fiscal calendar section" with the Client admin user. I could, however, create the "fiscal year"

I've had to login with the newly created user for the Initial Organization Setup. Moreover, later in this guide, the reader is prompted to relogin with the client user again (set up users and roles), so I suppose I'm doing right, but the guide is not.

If this is the way to create the periods, then it should be noted like it is previously when the client is setup and the guide proceeds to setup the organization.

Also, the .csv file for the account schema part, should have a link to any page where one can download a default one, just to follow the guide.

I think that The Taxes setup section (where a new tax is defined) should be preceded with a "Tax Category" section where one creates a new Tax category to be used in the new Tax existing section. I've found impossible to create a new Tax the way the guide says, I've had to first create a Tax category and then I've been able to select it from the drop-down list in the form. But this is not explained in the Quick Guide.

All of these is now properly documented. Please try once more. Thanks for your feedback.

--Psanjuan 08:59, 14 November 2012 (UTC)

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