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Talk:TDS India/User Documentation

Additional Feedback

(1) Content of the module & TDS Setup sections explains that TDS setup is used for setting up TDS for a particular BP, once this is done TDS will be applicable for that BP.

What does it exactly means?
does it only apply to Vendors or also to Customers?? Does it means that the TDS Challan is going to be created only for those "payment" transactions related to the Business Partners setup here?

(2)The setup of the G/L items required for processing payment through TDS Challam is not properly explained in this section: TDS Setup.

I've created a new section to better explain this: G/L Items Setup

I think we should explain it by putting an example related to TDSto better understand how to create a G/L item for processing payments through TDS Challam form.

See also point () below related to TDS Challam. As this last one is not properly explained in the section TDS Challam.

(3)Ward/Circle Number section describes that this number is a predefined set of jurisdiction codes.

Where are those codes and numbers used later on?
I've not seen any additional mention to this codes anywhere else in the manual.
Are those codes part of the TDS Challam somehow?
We should explain this in this section.

(4)There are some accounts mentioned in the section Nature of Payment

I think we should briefly explain when and how each of these accounts is used in relation to TDS functionality.

Some additional questions regarding this section:

(5) I think that the section Purchase Invoice should NOT be part of the Configuration section but part of a "Usability" section that needs to be created.

I've done that because it is not clear now the difference between how to setup this functionality and how to use it, as I mentioned before.

Besides, we should take this purchase invoice as an example to better understand what is the TDS amount to be paid.

Therefore I've move to this section the two lines below related to "TDS deduction at invoice":

I do not understand the second one. Business partners do have a "TAN" number as described here: Master Data - Business Partner. is that the one you are referring to?

What happen if a partner does not have a TAN number? I do not see any information of that type in the business partner tax category!!!

Same applies to Organizations do they have a PAN number or a TAN number. Please review this: Master Data - Organization. It seems there is a mistake here we did not realize before.

Besides, I do not understand the 20%TDS mentioned in that sentence. Why a 20%??

Finally, where can I see the nature of payment this transaction (purchase invoice) is related to??
I guess the invoice need to be paid and that is not explained anywhere in the user manual.

(6) TDS Challan section does not clearly explain whether it is required to setup TDS Challan prior entering transactions (such as the purchase invoice above) or not.

I think I do not clearly understand what is the main content of this window. Which kind of transactions are supposed to be included in this form? Purchase invoice payments??? sales invoice payments???

After clicking on "Create Challan Details Records" what is it exactly shown in the Challan details list????

Do we need to first create the transactions (invoices) and pay them and after that run the TDS Challan???

(7) TDS Payment section does not clearly explain the relation between the transactions made and the nature of payment those transactions are related to... We need to better explain:

(8) TDS Filing section describes that the ITNS 281 can be printed and submitted to the bank!!! What is the role of the bank????

--Psanjuan 13:52, 22 August 2013 (UTC)

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