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Talk:User Interface Introduction



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The MobiDMS user interface is optimized for productivity. It is characterized by the following attributes:

A. Login

You access "MobiDMS" through a Web browser.

  • Complete the form:
    • User Name & Password: enter "MobifoneAdmin"
  • Click on the "Log in" button to complete.
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B. Top Navigation

B. Top Navigation.png

The top navigation offers the following menus or functionalities:

B.1. Quick Menus and Application Menu

Via the Quick Menus you can quickly launch new documents or jump to existing documents.

  • Click icon
    • Quicky Launch: Enter "Sales Order".
  • Click "Sales Order" menu item.

Application menu:

  • Go to "Application || Sales Management || Transactions || Sales Order"
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B.2. User Preferences

Click the MobifoneAdmin in the top navigation.

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C. Master & Details View

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Parent and child record information is shown in the same view

C.1. Form View

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A record in the grid can be opened below Form view via:

The Form view can be closed by:

C.2. Grid View

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A record in the grid can be opened via:

D. Advanced Grid Functionality

D.1. Selecting Rows

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Row(s) in grids can be selected as follows:

In the top left of the grid, two numbers are shown. The first one indicates the number of selected rows, the second one the total number of rows in the grid.

D.2. Column Filters

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On top of the columns in a grid you will find column filters. There are several types of column filters:

The following symbols can be used in regular column filter fields to create more complex filter expressions.

Symbol Filter Example Which means
< less than (also works for strings) <100 Only show amounts less than 100
> greater than >100 Only show amounts greater than 100
 ! not equal  !100 Show everything except amounts that equal 100
^ starts with ^H Only show values that start with "H"
EndsWithSymbol.png ends with EndsWithSymbol.pngH Only show values that end with "H"
 !^ does not start with  !^H Only show values that do not start with "H"
 !@ does not end with  !@H Only show values that do not end with "H"
~ contains ~buenas Only show values that contain "buenas"
 !~ does not contain  !~buenas Only show values that do not contain "buenas"
# is Null # Only show records without a value in this column
 !# is not Null  !# Only show records with a value in this column
== exact match ==FV/1 Only show values that equal exactly "FV/1"
a...b range (between a and b) 0...100 Only show values between 0 and 100.
=.fieldName equals other column =.dueAmount Only show records which values equal those of another column.
or OR boolean check or cash Only show records that contain "check" or "cash".
and AND boolean check and cash Only show records that contain "check" and "cash".

Filters can be cleared by clicking the funnel icon in the top right of the grid.

D.3. Filtering in Selector Grids

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Often, they also contain preset implicit filters that can be cleared by clicking the funnel icon. Typical cases where selectors are used are business partner and product selection.

D.4. Sorting

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D.5. Grid Summaries

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To set a summary function click on the column header context menu and go into the 'Set Summary Function' submenu. And click on Valid summary functions are: sum, avg, min, max, count .

You can remove the summary row by clicking on the "Remove Summary Functions" or "Clear Summary Functions" option in the column context menu.

D.6. Exporting grid content to a spreadsheet

The user can export grid content to a CSV file via a button in the toolbar(WIK button Export.png). This file can then be imported in most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice.

E. Toolbar

The Toolbar contains two types of buttons: Action buttons (green) and Process buttons (orange).

D. Toolbar1.png

The action buttons perform the following actions:

WIK button NewForm.pngNew FormCreate a new record in form view
WIK button InsertRow.pngInsert RowInsert a new row in grid view
WIK button Save.pngSaveSave the record
WIK button SaveClose.pngSave and CloseSave the record, close the form view and go back to the grid view
WIK button Cancel.pngCancelRefresh the window and revert changes
WIK button Delete.pngDeleteDelete the selected record(s)
WIK button Refresh.pngRefreshRefresh the window
WIK button Export.pngExportExport the grid to CSV format
WIK button Attach.pngAttach a FileAttach a file to the active record
WIK button Clone.pngCloneClone the selected record(s) - (Only for Sales Orders)
WIK button Print.pngPrintPrint the selected record(s)
WIK button Email.pngEmailEmail the selected record(s)
WIK button Audit.pngAudit TrailEnable audit trail for this window (Basic and Professional Edition only)
WIK button URL.pngCreate linkCreate a URL to the selected document that can be pasted into email or IM
WIK button PersonalizeForm.pngPersonalize Form LayoutPersonalize the form layout (Basic and Professional Edition only)
WIK button SaveView.pngSave ViewSave and retrieve views (Basic and Professional Edition only)

F. Statusbar

WIK Statusbar.png

The statusbar conveys the editing status of the document (New, Editing or Saved) together with a user-defined set of read-only attributes. On the right side of the statusbar the following buttons are available:

WIK button Next.pngGo to next record
WIK button Previous.pngGo to previous record
WIK button Max.pngMaximize form
WIK button Restore.pngRestore form to previous size
WIK button Close.pngClose form (save and return to grid)

G. User Messages

User Messages are displayed centrally and their function is to inform or warn the user about some occurring situation in the application. There are four different types of user messages.

WIK message Error.pngError Message
WIK message Success.pngSuccess Message
WIK message Info.pngInfo Message
WIK message Warning.pngWarning Message
WIK message Tip.pngTip Message

The messages can be hidden by clicking the little X icon in the top right of the message.

H. Workspace & Widgets

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To add widgets, simply click the Add Widget>> link in the left column in the workspace and select from the library.

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