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Tax Payment

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The "Tax Payment" process helps to calculate the amount of taxes to be paid to or received from the tax authority.

Taxes such as the VAT are settle as the difference between:

For additional information about the tax payment used for the VAT settlement, please review the How to manage VAT settlement and payment article.

Tax payment process can be run after below detailed configuration is done:


The tax payment window allows to calculate the amount of taxes to be paid to or received from the tax authority within a given period of time. It also allows to generate the corresponding payment to/from the tax authority.


As shown in the image above the fields to fill in are:

The Create VAT Registers button run the tax payment process and gets the tax amount of each "Tax Register Type" automatically populated in the "Tax Register Header" tab.

The Process button process the tax payment and includes the tax settlement posting in a G/L Journal accessible from the "Journal Entry" field of the Tax Payment window.

The "Unprocess" button unprocesses the tax payment and deletes the G/L Journal created.

Tax Register Header

Tax Register Header tab allows to see the calculated tax amount per each configured "Tax Register Type".



The lines tab is a read-only tab which lists all the tax transactions related to the tax rates configured as part of a "Tax Register Type".


Some relevant fields to note are:

Full list of Tax Payment window fields and their descriptions is available in the Tax Payment Screen Reference.

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