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To understand the configuration of the Payment Method, it is necessary to understand the Payment Status Flow related. In the image below, a Simple Payment Workflow is shown:

Payment Workflow.png

In the diagram below and following explanation, the different Payment Statuses are explained.

During the whole Payment Process, the payment will be defined by one status so the user knows the last step of the process taken place and the following step that should take place:

Paiment status.PNG


Accounting Transactions

During this Payment Status Flow , posting to the General Ledger can take place if configured for it:

The different accounts that will be used for the posting can be configured in the Payment Method window (see below).

Payment Method

In the image below a snapshot of the Payment Method tab is shown. This is the main tab where the Payment Method is configured. There are several options to configure the default workflow of each Payment Method, this options are be explained below.

Note: These options are the defaults for this Payment Method. Each Financial Account also allows workflow options to be defined. Any variation in workflow associated with a Financial Account takes precedent over the default workflow.

Payment Method 01.PNG

Defaults Payment IN

Defaults Payment OUT

Note: Automatic Receipt and Automatic Payment require a Financial Account to be associated with the Business Partner.

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