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TimingOfVatBooking/User Guide



Abstract and Justification

“Timing of VAT Booking ” is a new OB extension module which allows VAT booking at the time of Settlement/Payment booking rather than at the time of Invoice booking.

This feature is required in Germany, but is also generically useful in other countries.

User Goals

Timing of VAT Booking module will allow the end-user to book the "Sales" VAT tax at the time of "Settlement/Payment In" booking rather than at the time of "Sales Invoice" booking.

Above means that:

Above behaviour must be setup at Organization level.


Since version 1.1.0, the Timing of VAT module depends on the Advanced Payables and Receivable functionality, so take into account that this module will be installed when installing the Timing of VAT module 1.1.0 or higher

Installation of the Timing of VAT Booking feature

Follow below steps to get Booking Control module installed in your system:


It is now possible to setup an Organization in order to get that the VAT is booked at settlement/payment, as described below:


New Accounting Templates

Several new Accounting Templates has been created to overide the Openbravo's default accounting behaviour for:

Take into account that if you use the new Advanced Payables and Receivables flow, the Accounting Engine - Settlement will not be used because Settlements are not used anymore when the Advanced Payables and Receivables. Instead of it, the Financial Payments, Reconciliations and Transactions are used.

Accounting Schema table mapping with Accounting Template to override the posting functionality

The above accounting templates must be mapped in your Accounting Schema(s) for the following accounting tables:

Obtv templates.jpg

Doing so, the default Openbravo's accounting engine is replaced by the Timing of VAT, allowing the system to manage the VAT temporary account entries.

More info...

Default Accounts for Timing of VAT Booking

The Default Account information for the Timing of VAT Booking must be set up a the Application Path.

DefaultAccount Transitory.png

Besides, at Tax Rate level, it is required to set up the corresponding Transitory account for existing tax rates, at the application path:

TaxRate Transitory.png

How it works?

Timing of VAT booking module main goal is to get below detailed behaviour:

For getting above behaviour working, three requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. The "Accounting Templates" for the Accounting Schema(s) must be properly defined, as it was explain in a previous section
  2. The Organization must be set as "Post VAT in settlement" = Yes, in the Organization window
  3. There must be a "Transitory account" setup for the Tax Rate, in the Tax Rate window - Accounting tab

User Scenario

The scenario detailed below apply only to Sales Transactions.

A given Organization is setup to get the VAT booking at settlement/payment in booking. In this example:

A sales invoice is created, completed and post in the system by having below information details:

The accounting entry will look like as shown in the screen below (Please not that the account 48000 has been configured as the transitory VAT account): Obtv invoice.png

Later on end-user gets the corresponding "Payment In" booked for a total amount of 40.60€

The accounting entry will look like as shown in the screen below (Please not that the account 47700 has been configured as the Tax Due VAT account): Obtv payment.png

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