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Toggle Light Dark Mode

Configuration in Backoffice

It is possible to change the selected dark/light theme for each React POS user. A default value can be defined at touchpoint type level in the Theme Mode field, these for values are available: - Dark by default, configurable by the user - Light by default, configurable by the user - Dark - Light

The first two values set the default theme mode for that touchpoint type, and additionally when used the React POS user will be able to override that value by modifying a setting.

For instance, the following screenshots shows a terminal type whose default theme mode is Dark, but that allows users to override it. The Vall Blanca Store User already did it, changing it to Light


Updating the Setting in React POS

If any of the "configurable by the user" theme mode options are selected at touchpoint type level, a setting will be made available to the user to modify its selected theme mode. Its selection will be persisted in the backend, so that the next time he logs in any terminal under that terminal type, that theme mode will be used.


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