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Universities have played a very significant role in the development of the Internet and open source. Some of the basic technologies in the open source space, such as the BSD based operating systems, the X-Window graphical system and many others, have been developed and improved in universities. Openbravo ERP is an open community which strives to maximize collaboration and welcomes contributions from the academia world. The objective of these collaborations with academia is to produce deliverables that are usable in the Openbravo ERP project.

The following proposal targets academia institutions allowing students to get real hands-on experience on an active open source project that produces projects used in the business world. This proposal also wants to help students to develop their domain of knowledge in the ERP space, gain experience in contributing within open source communities, experience in distributed software development, and in the use of tools used in business environments.

Suggested structure

Our suggested structure for organizing the contributions between academia and Openbravo ERP project is based on mentors and students. Mentors, who are usually teachers, supervise the work accomplished by students to ensure that the quality of their outputs and focus matches Openbravo community standards.

For software engineering courses

Our suggested requirements for academia mentors are:

Our suggested skills for students are:

For business applications courses

Our suggested requirements for academia mentors are:

Our suggested skills for students are:

Suggested learning path for Openbravo ERP

ERP systems are complex pieces of software and require time to learn. Our suggested path of learning for students is:

For software engineering courses only

What can Openbravo offer

If you are responsible for a program in an academic institution and you have interest in participating in this program, please contact us at Openbravo offers a framework agreement for academia institutions willing to participate.

Students that do not belong to academia institutions that are part of this program can participate on their own as any other potential contributor but without having access to the benefits described as part of this program.

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