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Update Transaction Refactor

If upgrading your instance to 3.0PR14Q4 you have obtained the following error:

 You cannot update your instance, because a pre-validation fails. 
It is not allowed to upgrade to this version having transactions with null Transaction Date and/or null Accounting Date.
To fix this problem in your instance, have a look to generated alerts (Transactions with Missing Data) and identify the affected transactions.
If you have a transaction like that, fix the problem filling Transaction Date and/or Accounting Date.
It can be very helpful to visit

This means that you have transactions with Payment Amount and Deposit Amount of ZERO and/or null Transaction Date and/or null Accounting Date, you should fix it to update to 3.0PR14Q4 and these querys can be very helpful.

 update fin_finacc_transaction set dateacct=statementdate where dateacct IS NULL

 update fin_finacc_transaction 
set statementdate=payment.paymentdate, dateacct=payment.paymentdate
from (select fp.paymentdate from fin_payment fp where fin_payment_id=fp.fin_payment_id) as payment
where statementdate is null and dateacct is null and fin_payment_id is not null

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