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Updates and upgrades


Applying Openbravo 3 Maintenance Packs

To update an Openbravo 3 installation to the latest Openbravo 3 maintenance pack (e.g. 3.0PR23Q3), sign on with the System Administrator role, and go to the Module Management Console inside Openbravo. Then click on Scan for updates.

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Then apply the updates:

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And finally rebuild Openbravo (note that the during this time the system will NOT be accessible to end users!):

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Upgrading from 2.50 to Openbravo 3

If you are running a 2.50 installation, we strongly recommend to migrate to Openbravo 3, you can follow these upgrade instructions.

Upgrading appliance

If you are using:

We strongly recommend to migrate to current appliances.

Keeping the Openbravo appliance stack up to date

Please follow this guide.

Subscribing to update notifications

It is strongly recommended that you subscribe to the Openbravo update mailing list. The distribution list notifies you when new releases of Openbravo are available.

To join distribution list, use the mailing list's subscription page.

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