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User Guide (System Admin)

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ManualDoc:Main (System Admin)


Application Dictionary

Open a folder where you can customize, modify, and adapt the application to your needs.

General Setup

General Setup is the place where to configure basic Openbravo settings such as the enterprise model, users and roles as well as other more advance setting such as alerts, preferences and processes.

Master Data Management

Mater Data is a central repository of data where key information such as business partners and products can be created, configured and therefore shared accross other Openbravo application areas.

Warehouse Management

Warehouses and storage bins can be created and manage in this application area, as well as inventory count and inventory valuation.

Sales Management

Sales Management addresses the life-cycle of a sales process and besides provides the tools to analyze sales related information.

Financial Management

The "Financial Management" area supports daily accounting activities such as payable and receivable accounts management, assets amortization as well as the opening and closing of the accounting year.

ManualDoc:Main Appendix (System Admin)

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