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Utils India


The utils module mainly provides two functionalities as described in the Financial Utils section of the Pack Installation Guide.

1. Generation of Financial Periods as per Indian Calendar:

Indian Financial Calendar begins form March YYYY - April YYYY To generate periods for Indian Calendar follow these steps:

1. Login as the Admin of your client.

2. Go to Financial Management - > Accounting -> Setup or just type 'Fiscal Calendar' in 'Quick Launch' window.

3. Check if the required Year is created for this calendar. If not create the Year by going to the Year tab.

4. Now click on 'Generate Periods For India' button. The periods will be generated for that year.


5. To check if the periods are generated, go to Period tab for that year.


2. Financial Entity Converter tool:

This tool helps in applying Reference Data for Taxes and Financial Reports Dataset. For these two datasets, accounting information is also provided. So to import this information, user needs to run this tool.

1. Login as the Admin of your client.

2. Go to Financial Management -> India Localization -> Master Data -> Financial Entity Converter or just type 'Financial Entity Converter' in 'Quick Launch' window.

3. Select the relevant General Ledger and specific organization or '*' if the dataset needs to be applied across all the organizations within that client.

4. Select the module as India Localization - Taxes.


5. Next apply the reference data through Enterprise Module Management as explained.

6. Repeat the above steps for India Localization - Financial Reports also.

Available Versions

Dated on 28-09-2012 the first reviewed version of this module (1.0.3) is published in "QA Approved" maturity status to be installed in Openbravo 3 MP21.

Release Date Module Version Number Openbravo Version Number Forge Link
28-09-2012 1.0.3 3.0.0 MP21 India Localization Utils

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