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Valued Stock Report

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Valued Stock Report shows the stock for a particular warehouse as well as the value of the stock.

The cost is calculated as as sump of the cost of each material transaction of the product in the warehouse. The cost of the product transactions is calculated by the Costing Server process.

Changes introduced since PR17Q1 Release

Parameters window


Output window


Persisted Information (Introduced since PR17Q1 Release)

This step is not needed to be followed in order to launch the Report. However, if there are performance problems, this can help to greatly improve the performance of the Report.

Before, this report calculated the Stock and it's valuation by adding up this information from the Warehouse Transactions. But, by doing so, this Report was not able to escalate.

Now, it is possible to aggregate information that allows for faster queries. This information is aggregated for each Closed Accounting Period, that means that accounting periods must be defined and, at least some of them, must be in a Closed or Permanently Closed Status. More information can be found in the Open Close Period Section.

The information will be persisted until the first not closed Period. By doing so, it is possible to avoid to loop through many records. However, no information will be aggregated after the first closed period and this can result in a non optimal performance of the report if it needs to retrieve plenty of information.

In Order to use this new functionality it is necessary to schedule the Background Process named Generate Aggregated Data Background. This can be done through the Process Request Window.


It is recommended to schedule it daily, at a moment when the System does not have plenty of activity. It will aggregate data only when a new Period is Closed or Permanently Closed.


By aggregating the information per each Closed Period, it is not possible to keep the date of each Transaction. So, when the Report is launched for a different Currency, all that information will be converted at the Period's Closing Date. This can result in minor discrepancies with the previous version due to conversions between currencies at different dates.

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