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Warehouse Management

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In Openbravo most of the warehouse movements are created automatically based on the transactions of Sales and Procurement processes. However, operating a warehouse also involves several manual activities, such as physical inventory, goods movements and their tracking and inventory valuation. These activities are executed in the Warehouse Management application area and are gathered in the Inventory Accuracy business flow which is described below.

Inventory Accuracy


Main sub-processes of the Inventory Accuracy business flow are:


Warehouse and Storage Bins need to be created and configured before performing the business flow.

In addition to this a Costing Rule needs to be defined and validated for the legal entity. Each costing rule requires an starting date from when it is going to be valid as well as a Costing Algorithm to be used by the Costing Background Process which has to be scheduled.

Besides that Landed Cost Types needs to be configured here therefore can be selected while allocating this type of cost to goods receipts.

Finally Warehouse Rules can be configured to be applied while retrieving stock from the inventory automatically.

Note: It is not required to do any additional setup for the Warehouse Management application area if Food & Beverage (F&B) sample client shipped with Openbravo by default is going to be used to explore it. The sample data set already contains the roles, warehouses, products pre-configured.

Above configuration is part of the overall Business setup flow within "Warehouse" setup.


In Warehouse Management main Inventory Accuracy operations are executed as follows.

To get the Physical Inventory Warehouse Staff:

To execute Goods Movement Warehouse Staff:

For Goods Tracking Warehouse Staff uses:

Inventory Valuation is done with the help of the Valued Stock Report.
This report shows the cost of the stock calculated by the Costing Server process.

Inventory Update is done with the help of the Inventory Amount Update window.
This window allows to change either the total inventory value or the unit cost of a product(s) at a given reference date, therefore a closing and an opening inventory are automatically created in the Physical Inventory window.

For Cost Adjustments Review Warehouse Staff uses Cost Adjustment window.
This window allows to review different types of cost adjustment sources together with the product's transactions whose costs are being adjusted, as well as adjustment amounts.

Relationship with other application areas

Warehouse Management has a connection with other application areas:

Application Menu

Please find below detailed description of all windows and reports of the Warehouse Management application area.

Analysis Tools




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